Nguyen Huu Chau

    Nguyen Huu Chau received piano training at Conservatoire Nationale Supérieur de Musique de Paris (CNSMP) under the guidance of Bruno Rigutto and one of the world most special pianists: Professor Aldo Ciccolini from 1985 to 1989. During the same period he also took the course of Chamber music and Piano Accompaniment Course under the guidance of Alain Planès and Georges Pludermacher as well as joined Master Class of Leon Fleischer.


    After graduating from the pretigious CNSMP, Huu Chau continues being in close association with Aldo Ciccolini and inherits precious experience from him. Chau also shows special interest in contemporary music and, as an attempt, he follows the Jazz course with numerous professors of New York Juillard School and Boston Berklee School.


    In the year of 1990, Nguyen Huu Chau was invited to take part in numerous concert programs organized by France Télévision for foreign artists in Paris. He also performs in several music festivals in France, Italy and Spain.


    Since 1992, he has officially worked as piano professor of Paris Institute of Musical Culture (Institut de Culture Musicale).


    In 1994, he was invited to give a performance on the theme of German songs at the Senate of France.


    In 1997, Hữu Châu was in charge of the highly eveluated project The instruments in 3D (Les instruments en 3D) for the producer Gallimard.


    In 1999, he collaborated with other two pianists in a joined-project in which all 32 Beethoven’s Sonates were performed.


    Since 2000, Hữu Châu appeared on a regular basis not only in several classical concerts but also in a great number of contemporary music training programs. Besides, he was also in the judge position of a myriad of music competitions at numerous schools and public conservatories in Paris.


    Since the year 2001, he has been in charge of teacher recruiting department of the Institut de Culture Musicale. From 2005 till now, he has been appointed to teach at Cultural Center of Paris City Hall (Centre Culturel Baudricourt). Some of his students won piano international competitions.


    In the year of 2009, Chau has performed succesfully with the famous guitarist Patrick Rondat– a typical artist in the field of jazz-Rock in Paris. In addition, he also had a a concert with France national orchestra’s violonist Nguyen Huu Nguyen at Hotel Luteia – a place that witnesses historical moments of World War II in Paris - on the occasion of its 100 year anniversary. His recent success is performing with composer Nguyen Thien Dao in UNESCO ceremony of Thang Long 1000 year anniversary.


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