Ballet class

    Ballet class is designed from not only basic lessons for beginners but also advanced skills which help develop students’ imagination, concentration and their ability of combining music and movement.




    Ballet Kids:


    Ballet Kids class - designed for children from 2 to 5 years old with the aim to familiarize kids with the art of ballet. Music, movement, balanced skills and primary ballet postures are the main elements that this course aims to.



    Ballet Baby - designed by Ms. Mai Anh


    Ballet Baby:


    In this course, kids would be introduced to the basic movements and postures in order to know more about ballet and raise their interest in this subject. This could be considered as a grounding class in which parents would be the most wonderful assistants.


    Pre – Ballet:


    Pre – Ballet is a transition course between Ballet Baby and Ballet course. In this class, teachers will help your children to approach a wider range of ballet’s music. Besides, kids would start to join the class without their parents because discipline and independence will become the major points in the studying process,



    Ballet class – for kids from 5 to 15 years old. The upgrading in dance skills and focus more on the technique will help kids to be able to join many diversified characters of ballet.


    Ballet costumes:


    Dance shoes, stockings and tutu (for girls only) are indispensable in the ballet class. For kids who still not have ballet costumes, whether you should ask for our staff to get more advices or alternatively you could prepare comfortable clothes to help your kids join class activities easier.




    Miss Mai Anh:


    Graduated with high distinction degree from Ho Chi Minh city University of Performing Arts after 7 studying years. After that, she continued her dance passion by enrolling the R.I.D.C (Rencontre Internationale de Danse Contemporaine) in Paris.


    In France, she had many teaching experiences at Compagnie Harry Albert (Lyon), Compagnie Nathalie Pernette (Paris), Compagnie 1er Mars (Reims), Compagnie Milonga (Paris).


    Besides, she had joined many performances and participated in the documentary “La Grande Leçon” under Françoise Dupuy’s guidance – who is considered as a pioneer in the Contemporary Dance in France at Centre Nationale de Danse ( Paris).


    Miss Phuong Hien:


    Graduated from Viet Nam University of Performing Arts as a ballerina in 1996. After that, she enrolled a master course in Russia.


    At this time, she’s a ballerina and a choreagraph at Viet Nam Youth Theatre. Besides, she is also an experienced ballet teacher at Ho Chi Minh city University of Performing Arts.


    With over 10 years of experience in finding and training young talented students, she had many performing opportunities in different countries and achieved numerous awards in international art festivals.












    Ballet baby




    Pre - Ballet




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