Does the pupil have to enrol in the music theory class before learning how to play an instrument? Does she/he have to take music theory lessons while he is learning how to play an instrument? If not, why isn\'t it required? And what does the learning of music theory cosists in?


    "We provide music theory lessons for all levels every week. The frequency of our music theory lessons are of 45 minutes per week but the courses are extremely intensive."


    The syllabus I’ve been working on has changed. Can I use pieces from last year’s syllabus in my exam this year?


    "In the UK and Ireland you can play the pieces set for the previous year until the end of May. IN other countries the overlap period for pieces is a full year (until the end of December).


    You cannot mix pieces from the old and new syllabuses during these overlap periods. In all countries the overlap period pieces only: any changes to scales. Sight – reading or aural tests come into effect on 1 January of the year the new syllabus begins.


    New syllabuses are usually published around six months before their start date, to give candidates and teachers time to prepare."


    May I bring a page – turner to my exam?


    "Diploma candidates may bring a page – turner without asking permission, as can organists at all grades and accompanists for Grade 8 or diplomas grade 7 and 8 candidates need to make a request in writing at the time of entry letting us know which pieces, or pieces, they would like to bring a page – turner for and what editions they will be using. Candidates for Grade 1 to 6 are expected to make their own page – turns. At any grade, pauses or difficulties with page – turning in the exam will not affect the marks."


    I have a copy of a piece in the syllabus, but it’s a different edition from the one listed. Can I use my copy for the exam?


    "You can use any edition of the music unless the syllabus specifies a particular arrangement or transcription. Always check the syllabus."