Newton Bookstore

    Established at the end of 2012 with the vision of shaping and impacting Vietnamese society through arts education, we believe books should reveal the world of arts to the general public, to create a "museum without walls" and to make accessible to the research, the findings and the creativity of top scholars, academics and artists to a broad non-specialists reading public, at prices it could afford.


    We sincerely believe that the knowledge of the creative visual arts, in all their forms, confers real and worthwhile social prestige and to lead the way to a more diversified, tolerant and enlightened future!

    Newton provides a wide range of books in variety of fields such as Fashion, Fine Arts, Architecture and Landscape, Design, Fashion and Textiles, Lifestyle and Popular Culture, Photography, Film, Travel, Performing Arts, Biography and Literature, Children and Classic Books, Natural History, Science and the Environment, Mind, Body, Spirit and History, those that have shaped the world and the history of mankind.

    Importantly, we have brought to Vietnam a whole selection of music sheets, ranging from Classical, Jazz and Pop. For the first time ever, Vietnamese musicians, music learners have been given the opportunities to access the music materials which would be of great value to their professional activities and learning process.




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