Why Learn Music Theory

    What is music theory?


    The music theory includes the following:


    ŸThe basic elements of standard music notation such as ataves, clefs, note lengths, note pitches, key signatures, time signatures, beats, bars (or measures), etc.


    Basic underlying concepts such as scales, keys, intervals, rhythm, etc.


    More advanced elements such as dynamics, phrasing (notated with slurs) etc.


    Advanced material such as the history of notation, form, physics of scales, etc.. 


    Why learn music theory?


    To enhance general understanding, and therefore appreciation of music


    To aid the ability to "read" music


    To help in learning to play an instrument or sing


    To satisfy curiosity


    To be a bester performer


    Base on the well-known syllabus ABRSM, all the student who wants to join the Practical Grade 6,7,8 must have passed the ABRSM theory of music Grade 5 or higher level.