Frequently asked questions and answers

     Are there age limits for those taking exams?

     No, there are no age limits (as per OfQual regulations). We do however recommend the following ages groups for each grade:


    • Debut – ages 5-6

    • Grade 1 – ages 7-8

    • Grade 2 – ages 8-10

    • Grade 3 – ages 10-12

    • Grade 4 – ages 13-15

    • Grade 5 – ages 15-16

    • Grade 6-8 – ages 16-18


      Can I photocopy the music?

      Our exam music is copyrighted and may not bewithout permission from Rockschool. However, candidates may photocopy any music you are going to play in the exam to eliminate page turns. The photocopied music will be taken by the examiner at the end of the exam.


     Can I arrange my own exam date?

     No. We work very hard to always offer candidate the most convenient date, time and location for your exam. Candidates can help us with this by providing the dates they are unavailable which can be entered

    when entering.


       On what days of the week and at what times are Rockschool examinations held?

      Exams are held between 9am and 6.30pm, 7 days a week. Please note that includes school days, weekends and school holidays.