Erato art studio

    you are keen to:


    Find a professional Art Studio open to sharing, which provide tutorials and where you can practice your artistic creativity.


    Nurture your passion, hope enthusiasm and youth's seethe, through creative action


    Frequent a cozy space where you can share with friends the same passion for Arts.


    Erato Art studio will be a place of peace for your soul, where private and public find harmony through Art, beyond the hardness of daily life.

  • Facilities

    Erato Music & Performing Arts School (ESMPA), located in the cultural center of Phu My Hung, is a great environment for the arts and cultural ...
  • Newton Bookstore

    Established at the end of 2012 with the vision of shaping and impacting Vietnamese society through arts education, we believe books should reveal ...
  • Klaverhaus

    Klavierhaus GmBH, est. at the end of 2010, operates in piano and music instruments distribution field  and is the exclusive distributor ...

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