Students grow emotionally and learn about respect,discipline...Students learn fundamental karate blocks, punches and kicks in a positive... Students grow emotionally and learn about respect,discipline, self-control, concentration and goal setting.


    How can martial arts benefit your child?


    There are a whole range of martial arts disciplines out there, but generally speaking they all encourage those things we as parents often struggle to engender in our children: physical health and agility, discipline and concentration. If your child isn't so suited to team sports martial arts provide a great way for them get some exercise, meet other children and learn valuable skills which will stay with them for life.


    With the concept of 'goal attainment' (via the belt system) at the heart of martial arts, the sport provides a useful way for children to focus on moving 'up the ranks' and the sense of satisfaction and self-fulfilment this brings, building a child's self-esteem and confidence along the way.


    Martial arts aren't just about physical prowess - the sport is also about training the mind and spirit so children learn skills they can take into other areas of their life, too, such as better concentration and reasoning skills, vital for academic success. And physically martial arts impart invaluable physical skills, such as self-defence, which may help children if they find themselves in a risky situation.


    If you're feeling a little uneasy with the fighting system connotations of martial arts, don't worry. Despite the sport's feudal origins, the disciplined, carefully-supervised environment of the 'Dojo' (martial arts training school), combined with an emphasis on using the mind to overcome the opponent rather than gratuitous, brute force, reinforces positive behaviour and self-restraint.


    Experts say there are no 'bad' martial arts, just poor instructors, so as long as you're happy the facility you choose for your child's training is professional and experienced, you shouldn't have any cause for concern.




    Thursday: 17:30-18:30


    Open for registration. The first course: Thursday, January 8th, 2014


    Teacher: Ms. Pham Hong Ha




    Gold Medal in Sea Game 19th, 20th,21st.

    Silver medal in ASIAD XII 1994

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