Handel - Water Music

The "Water Music"  is a collection of orchestral movements, often published as three suites, composed by George Frideric Handel. 


This pieces was known particularly for its highly spirited movements in dance form. Most of the pieces were originally intended for outdoor performance, and the work premiered on a barge on the River Thames, where it provided entertainment for a royal cruise hosted by King George I of England on July 17, 1717. Selections from the suite were published during Handel’s lifetime, but the entire collection did not come into print until 1788, nearly three decades after the composer’s death.


It was rumoured that the reason for the spectacular performance of the Water Music was purposed to help King George to steal back some of the London spotlight back from the prince, who at the time was worried that his time to rule would be shortened due to his father's long life, and was throwing lavish parties and dinners to compensate for it. In a long term, the Water Music's first performance on the water was the King's way of reminding London that he was still there, and showing he could carry out gestures of even more grandeur than his son.


The first performance of the Water Music suites is recorded in the Daily Courant, a London newspaper.



Source: wikipedia