Trio A Due Concert - The Joy of My Life

On this Christmas holiday, Viet Nam’s audiences will have chance to attend a choir workshop and enjoy a concert will be held on Erato Music School with participations of the artists invited by Germany Consulate General Assembly: Almut Seebeck and Felicitas Weyer.



Trio A Due. Two Voices – Two Hands – Three Sounds


Not one voice, but two. Two voices - two hands - three sounds uniting with rare charm and artistry to delight modern audiences. These musical magicians enchant their listeners with the bewitching blend of Almut Seebeck´s clear lyric soprano, the warm timbre of Felicitas Weyer´s natural mezzo, and her expert piano accompaniment. Their critical acclaim and popularity reflects the rare warmth they evoke in their audiences with their musical magic. 




Trio A Due have performed all over Germany; a burgeoning international career has taken them so far, all over Europe, Asia and Australia (2001 Opera House Sydney). The Trio’s duo – repertoire (sic) ranges from the tragic and serious to a delicious and communicative frivolity. Their repertoire embraces Lieder and Duets by Hildegard von Bingen, Purcell, Handel, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Brahms and Dvorak the minimalistic adventures of the Americans, Philip Glass and Charles Ives and compositions by the Australians Robert Lloyd and Richard Vella dedicated to Trio A Due. A special feature of their music – making  has been the development of a new repertoire of Italian Arie Antiche, Celtic Traditionals, Yiddish Songs, Gypsy Songs and Jazz Standards arranged by Felicitas Weyer expressing the two artist’s full range of emotions.


Numerous sound portraits have been made of the Duo by German and Australian radio stations (DLR – Berlin, DW, BR, NDR, SFB, ABC and SBS Australia), but even the professionalism of these recordings cannot quite catch the full atmosphere of them live – two beautiful women in complete harmony with each other their music, like the two sisters in the Brahms’ duet of that title which they sing with such joy.


Dr. Almut Seebeck, Soprano


and moderator of the Trio A Due, whose ancestors on her mother’s side came from Bohemia, was born in Bremen/Germany. With a stipend of Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes she studied medicine and voice (with Ingeborg Hallstein). After her degree and admission to the medical profession, she first worked therapeutically as M.D. with cancer patients, but subsequently concentrated on music.


She studied voice with Charlotte Lehmann (Hannover), Ingrid Bjoner (Oslo), Karl-Heinz Jarius (Frankfurt) and scenic studies with Christof Loy (Stuttgart). Almut Seebeck holds a lectureship for Liedgestaltung at the University of Queensland, Australia. Besides being involved in her artistic activities she also works as a specialist doctor in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy in her own practice.


Felicitas Weyer, Mezzosoprano and Piano


was born in Erlangen/Germany into a family of musicians. She finished her piano study with a concentration on Lied-accompaniment with Norman Shetler (Vienna), she visited advanced and master courses for piano with Marta Sosinska (Würzburg), Charles Spencer (Frankfurt) and Andrzej Jacinski (Kattowitz). She studied voice with Norma Lerer (Nürnberg) and Karl-Heinz Jarius (Frankfurt).


Felicitas Weyer holds lectureships for song and Lied-accompaniment at the Würzburg University School of Music, Germany and also at the University of Queensland, Australia.


On this occasion, the artists share not only their experience but also discussion with people who love singing – especial opera style at their Choir workshop. The Choir Workshop will be held on Sunday, December 14, 2014 at 15:00 and the “Trio A Due” concert on Friday, December 19, 2014 at 20:00.


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The Concert "The Joy of My Life", click here

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Erato Music School: 107 Ton Dat Tien, Tan Phu, Dist. 7

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